Saturday, January 19, 2019

Stand Out From The Crowd

Today, the routine proposal with a staple in the corner is history.

Black and white product sheets may be a waste of money. Now you can increase your business with custom printed brochures that will impress any potential customer. At Harvest Press, we have lots of ways to make your printed materials more effective and more affordable.

Our talented staff can set type, artistically arrange photos and illustrations, and suggest colors and paper stock. Plus, we can print or copy and bind your materials, adding finishing touches like die cuts or embossing to take your work from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Full color brochures are a great method to:
Educate new customers about your business
Introduce new services
Display products in brilliant, full color
Create a mailer with a special offer
Display your pricing
Give exposure to your brand
Boast about a business milestone or award
Introduce a key new employee
Show off your website
Invite recipients to a special event





And because we're a leader in business printing, we have more printing options - including the one that best suits your job's specific needs. So whether it's one-color or multiple-color printing, color copies or - yes - even simple black and white copies, we've got the equipment, experience and talent to turn your materials into "must read" masterpieces.